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Marshallese Push For Nuclear Free

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The Marshall Islands Student Association is campaigning for a Nuclear Free Pacific. The group "MISA4thePacific" is collecting signatures for the Hibakusha International Appeal for a nuclear ban. This story by Ana Civavonovono.

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Documentary: Staying in Nabukadra

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Nabukadra in a coastal village in Ra to north of Fiji's largest island Viti Levu. Having been battered by severe tropical cyclone Winston the community are at crossroads and a generational split. Its a story that will resonate across the Pacific as people leave their ancestral lands in search of higher ground. A Film by: Telstar Jimmy, Salote Qalubau, Miriam Naikatini and Mereoni Mili

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Documentary: Tide of Change

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The people of Natawaru Settlement have seen their humble livelihoods grow more precarious as the effects of climate change take their toll. From rising seas, depleted fish stocks and rising temperatures, the community is faced with a struggle for survival. A Film by: Koroi Tadulala, Aachal Chand, Mitieli Baleiwai, Venina Rakautoga and Kaelyn Dakuibure  

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Documentary: Flying Solo

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The story of the Solomon Islanders of Fiji is undersold. Brought to Fiji in bondage their labour has had an indelible impact upon the country. Now the community of Wailoku are seeking acknowledgment and secure land tenure for future generations. A Film by: Laiseana Nasiga, Josefa Kotobalavu, Semi Malaki, Chris Harabe and Elizabeth Osifelo

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Documentary: Canoe Culture, A Revival

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Our USP students travel to the Lau islands far to the east of Viti Levu. Lau is a pacific crossroads renowned for its great canoe builders and navigators. This documentary looks at Uto Ni Yalo Trust's efforts to preserve the skills and customs of canoe culture. A film by: Nanise Sivo, Drue Slatter, Kritika Rukmani, Virashna Singh and Ana Civavonovono

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Methodist Church Tackles Domestic Violence

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With the rise of awareness around Fiji's crisis of domestic violence, the Methodist church in Fiji have committed to tackling the issue during the Bose ko Viti conference this past month. Nanise Sivo and Kaelyn Dekarube have this report for Wansolwara TV.

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Betel Nut Chewing Side Effects

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Despite consistent warning from health officials, betel nut chewing continues to be widely practiced by Solomon Islanders. Koroi Tadulala and Chris Hapert Ha'arabe spoke to USP students from Solomons about the role betel nut chewing plays in social life.

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Solomon Students Reject Unruly Behavior

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Solomon Islands government sponsored students studying in Fiji have been cautioned, this comes after media reports of unruly behavior were splashed across the headlines of Solomons newspapers. Former RAMSI assistant coordinator Masi Lomaloma made the complaints alleging excessive alcohol abuse and indecency from Solomon Islands' government scholarship students. Elizabeth Osifelo and Josefa Kotobalavu have this report for Wansolwara TV.

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New Public Transport E-Ticketing

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With the implementation of the new electronic- ticketing system, the public are turning out in numbers to receive their cards as cash transactions will be eliminated from October 1st. Koroi Tadulala and Aachal Chand have this report for Wansolwara TV.

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Jittu Estate Residents Wait

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Life in Suva’s squatter settlements is not easy. The Jittu Estate continues to house informal settlers, despite introduced housing projects. Anaseini Civavonovono and Drue Slatter have this report for Wansolwara TV.

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